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Paso Robles Wine Tours

Paso Robles Wine ToursWhile staying at the Villa Toscana, you will not want to miss the fabulous opportunity for Paso Robles wine tasting tours. Paso Robles, a flourishing wine country region is home to many excellent wineries. Be sure to stop and enjoy one of the many pleasant Paso Robles wine tours when you stay at the Villa Toscana.

Staying at the Villa Toscana is pleasant any time of year. It also helps the wine makers in their efforts. The climate, terrain and soil vary through this entire region permitting wine makers to produce a wide range of varietal wines. In addition to the most common California wine varietals, this wine region is well known for its high-quality Rhone style wines and some amazing Bordeaux style blends.

Visit this Paso Robles wine region and it will lead you to many different and interesting wineries. You will never forget the true experience of the Paso Robles wine tasting tours. The town of Paso Robles, the center of this wine region, is a bustling small town with interesting shops and a mix of excellent restaurants and places to stay. From the Villa Toscana there are many distinct driving wine tours which will lead you to an enjoyable visit to the Paso Robles wine region and undoubtedly a wonderful experience in Paso Robles wine tasting.

Paso Robles Wine TourTasting Tips While on a Paso Robles Wine Tour

As you enter the tasting room on a Paso Robles wine tour, head for the tasting area. A host will greet you and get you started with wine glasses and explain what wines are available for tasting. Tasting rooms vary from the very elaborate to a simple table set up in the winemaking area.

On most Paso Robles wine tours, white wines are tasted first, followed by red wines, and then desert wines. Taste each wine carefully and savor each sip. Most wineries will have a sheet of tasting notes. Read the tasting notes as you taste and see if you notice any of the aromas or flavors listed in the notes.

It is okay to skip any of the wines on the tasting list. Some people just want to taste the reds. Some may be interested in tasting only certain varietals of wine.

You do not have to drink all the wine in your glass. Toss the unwanted wine in your glass into the dump bucket provided for this purpose.

If water is provided, use it to clear your palate or to rinse your glass. Rinsing the glass is a good idea when the tasting moves from whites to reds or to dessert wines.

If you are visiting a Paso Robles winery with friends or a group, try not to be loud or noisy. It ruins the atmosphere of the tasting room.

Bringing children to a winery can be tricky. Have a planned activity for them while you spend your time tasting.

Stay at the Villa Toscana and enjoy all the Paso Robles wine tours avialable!

Villa Toscana - Paso Robles Wine Tasting Tours